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Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Price: $32.95/ 7.9 oz 

Now now, before you click exit off this blog entry because of the steep price, I assure you, the product is well worth it. 

I am a huge fan of the Rose Jam bubbleroon, so I was wandering around my local Lush store trying to find something that has a similar scent. The very helpful sale associate pointed out that I might fall in love with the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Right after I took a sniff at the product, I KNEW this would be the perfect thing for me. I was very hesitant at the price tag so I asked the nice lady for a sample of it. I remembered being super excited to try it out in the shower the next morning. 

This Body Conditioner contains argan oil, almond oil. brazil nut oil. shea butter, cocoa butter and lemon oil. This product means major hydration for your skin. It also has a very lovely rosey, lightly lemony smell. It’s heavenly to use in the shower daily.

I have a confession to make, I am not one of those girls that remember to moisturize my skin enough after a shower. I will only do so whenever my poor skin starts to dry up and crackle a bit because of the harsh weather. Since I bought a full size of this product, non-moisturized skin is no longer my problem. The idea of a body conditioner is that you’d apply this on as THE LAST thing you do in your shower. After you let your body soak in the moisture, rinse it out quickly with water and pat dry. This way, you’ll get the benefit from hydrating your skin, yet none of that greasiness lotions tend to give. I find that if I turn away from the water stream or if I just turn off the water for a few minutes while I apply this on, the conditioner won’t wash off immediately.

Rating: 10+/10. I can not rave about this product enough. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it, well, except for the price. If only I can get more product with that price….hmmm, I guess I just can’t have it all. I’m about half way done with my container and I’m definitely planning on repurchasing this. I could not believe the difference it makes on my skin. I have no desire to put on any lotions afterward and my skin smells like Rose Jam for most of the day. Just lovely. 


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