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Brazened honey Fresh face mask

Price: $6.95/ 2.1 oz container

After a mild disappointment with Cupcake face mask (for breaking me out), a Lush associate recommended that I should try Brazened honey or Love lettuce for my troubled skin. I went for the Brazened honey because of the smell and of course, the name, and I didn’t regret it. 

This mask contains fresh fennel, sage, honey, egg, lime juice, ginger, parsley, and ground almond shell. I would say smell wise, it’s not even close in comparison to Cupcake. However, to me, this mask is far more effective. 

Just after one use, I was stunned to see this mask was able to reduce significantly all the redness in my face and even out my skin color. I did not notice any break out after usage at all. I was so happy I reached for this one instead of the Love Lettuce. 

Rating: 10/10. I love this mask for how effective it is. I would definitely purchase this again and would highly recommend people with acne prone skin or hyper pigmentation to try out. 


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